Bokerah Brumley


My Life. My Family. My Farm.

Come in for some coffee and homemade plum jelly. My husband, Farmer Bill, made it. It’s the best in our part of Texas.

I promise, between incubating peafowl eggs and bottle-feeding farm babies, I’m currently stuck in fantasy worlds out the wahzoo.

It’s our own piece of heaven in Somewhere, Texas.

So, if you stick around a little while, you’ll get to join me on some of my adventures.


A 3-book realm-jumping urban fantasy adventure in the Creature Caretaker Academy by Indigo Leigh,

A whole supernatural/urban fantasy world in New Haven City by Indigo Leigh,

A 4-book series of Peacock Shifters in the sweeping fantasy kingdom of Aerie by River Cross,

A mermaid romance set in a place that’s a lot like San Francisco by Indigo Leigh,

And a whole lot of other characters that are crowding my brain.


Don’t forget the long sweet romance series set in Yearly, Texas.

I’m under-sleeped and over-caffeinated pretty much all of the time, so strange things tend to happen in my brain as a result. (Like my daily cosplaying of a rational, functioning adult.)

What I’m Reading

When I’m not writing, I’m tending a family and a farm…

Official Bio

Bokerah Brumley lives on ten permaculture acres, complete with sheep, goats, peacocks, turkeys, geese, guineas, ducks, chickens, five home-educated children, one husband, and a brain that goes on regular adventures.