Bokerah Brumley

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(Creature Caretaker Academy Book 1)

Jess Roberts is a hothead with a secret she can’t share with anyone. 

Her family has been in hiding for as long as she can remember, and she’s going to be the one to blow their cover. When Jess’s best friend, Rase Flannigan, receives a scholarship to a prestigious private school, Jess knows she won’t be able to tolerate the mean girls back at Bayburgh High without him. On the first day back, she accidentally sets her backpack on fire. As punishment, she’s held late for detention and sent to the high school basement.

There, she discovers a troll, feasting on a tribe of miniature primates. Jess knows she has to protect them, but she nearly burns down the school in the process.

* * *

Rase Flannigan is an empath… except his talent never works on people. Only animals.

When Rase is awarded a scholarship to the Preparatory Academy for the Remarkable, he agrees to attend, leaving his home, his family, and his best friend, Jess Roberts, back in Bayburgh. As he hones his skills and learns about the amazing, exciting creatures that hide around every corner, he vows to find a way to bring Jess along for the adventure.

Together, by saving a mystical griffon, Jess and Rase each learn how to embrace their peculiarity and adventure into realms where no mere mortal has gone before.

Fans of X-Men and Fantastic Beasts will love this urban fantasy academy adventure in this tale from incredible fantasy author Bokerah Brumley.

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